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Basement Remodeling
Finished basements are growing in popularity as more families want more usable space, yet choose to stay in their current home.

Add value to your home with basement design improvements such as a game room, family room complete with a home theater or a wet bar. Plan a home office or a gym. Envision that unused space with a kids play room, finished laundry room or an extra bathroom or kitchenette. Remodel your space into an in-law suite with separate entrance or as an entertainment area.

Fix It All will work with you to create your perfect basement. Our expert team of craftsmen uses materials you have selected to assure that your space is beautifully crafted on-time and within your budget.

During the design phase of your basement renovation, important items to consider are:

Who will use the space? How will it be used?

Are there any dampness or water issues?
Will any plumbing be added?

Type of lighting?
Maximizing, the height of the ceiling and minimizing any soffits
Ceiling finishes, whether a conventional or suspended ceiling or a combination of the two

Please contact us to evaluate your project and provide a free estimate.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are one of the most important home renovation project you should consider. Materials used by Fix It All during your kitchen renovation will add safety, convenience, durability, and beauty to your home.  Not only will you benefit from the function and beauty of the new space, but it boosts your home's value as well.

Whether you are a professional chef or a just enjoy preparing family meals, we will work with you every step of the way to meet of all your kitchen wants and needs.  Kitchen design dictates that the space not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional for your lifestyle.

Our expert team of craftsmen uses materials selected by you to assure that your space is beautifully crafted, completed on-time and within your budget.

During the design phase of your kitchen renovation, important items to consider are:

How do you want to use your kitchen? Do you love to cook? Do you entertain? 
Are we renovating the existing footprint of the kitchen or expanding the space?
Do you have any specific needs or appliances that will be incorporated?
Do we need to add additional venting to the outside for a high-powered range or cooktop?
Tile selection and design for floors / backsplash?

Will any plumbing / electric / lighting / exhaust fan to outdoors?

Replacement / additional sinks / countertops / faucets?​

Replacement / additional cabinetry / island ?

Removing / Adding walls?

Update kitchen plumbing and electrical? 

Please contact us to evaluate your new kitchen project and provide a free estimate

Interior / Exterior Re​novation 

If your current floor plan isn't suiting your needs, maybe it's time for a change.  Interior renovation can greatly change your home's appearance and functionallity

Expand your master bath into an unused room and add a luxurious walk-in closet or dressing room. Create a mudroom with lots of coat hooks, shoe racks and children's cubbies just inside an exterior door.  Remove a few walls on your first floor to create a bright open concept floor plan. The possibilities are endless!

The first impression anyone has of your home is from the outside. Has your home lost its curb appeal? We at Fix It All specialize in affordable creative solutions for your home. Our goal is to provide you with an exterior renovation that adds value and character to your home at an affordable price.

Windows and Doors
Windows and doors are used every day, and that every day use can produce wear and tear on them. Our exterior remodeling professionals will help you to choose the windows and doors that best suit your home.

The doors you’re looking for might be entry, wood, storm, interior, patio, closet, French, metal or some other type of door. You might want vinyl, bay, storm, aluminum, double hung or some other type of window. No matter what type of windows or doors, we can properly install them for you.

Custom Patios & Decks
Is your deck or patio outdated or non-existent?  Would you like to replace your old deck?  We know that your deck will get a lot of use, we strive to provide you with the highest quality decking to ensure its longevity.  Not all decks are created equal.  In fact we custom design each deck to your specification. 
Let us upgrade your outdoor space with some of our favorite exterior finish grade materials such as Cedar, redwood, teak, casino pa natet and synthetic products such as Trex and Timbertech.  For every deck construction job we complete, we bring expert craftsmanship, quality materials and professional on site management to make sure the work meets our high standards.

Our decks are customizable to fit your needs and budget. Customer satisfaction is our goal, so we provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials.  Our deck builders have the skills and experience necessary to provide you with the deck of your dreams.  

We can provide the following services to upgrade your outdoor space:

New deck building
Deck upgrades
Computerized deck designs
New patio construction or upgrades
 Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
Backyard lighting design


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Fire/Water Damage Restoration

Fire/water damage repair is a complicated, time-consuming procedure involving several steps. Obviously, standing water and/or sewage must be removed immediately, but that’s only the beginning.

Critical steps dealing with water damage:
Structural elements such as beams, must be thoroughly dried to prevent mold, other materials such as drywall and finished flooring may need to be removed and replaced. With the help of powerful air movers, Fix It All can accomplish the job quickly. We even make use of thermal imaging to be certain there are no damp areas remaining. To prevent any mold growth the water damaged area needs to be treated properly. Fix It All is equipped with a team of experienced estimators, project managers, and technicians to evaluate your home and start the correct course of action to get you back in your home quickly.

Please call us at Fix It All to handle your entire project.


Siding is similar to the clothing we all wear, it is the first thing most people see for the first time. It make a statement, it states what type or style of home you are portraying. New siding could alter many aspects of your home including but not limited to:

  • Color - changing color will change the overall appearance of your home, it could be a new start
  • Style - changing the style of siding may alter how people view your home
  • Texture - adding brick or stone veneer to an existing home will give your home instant curb appeal
  • Update - updating the siding on your home may help better protect your home and add resale value
  • Conceal - Adding or changing the siding on your home will help hide small defects or poor prior renovations your current home may have
  • ​Protection - siding is the first defense to the weather. Water damage can go undetected for sometime, damage could become very costly over time. Keep your home protected.
  • Maintenance - Most newer materials used are designed with less maintenance in mine. Replace your siding and keep more of your time for you and your family.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about siding


Flooring, little thought is given to flooring from day to day, but flooring changes the way we feel, it could make us breathe easier, make us more comfortable or just change the style of the room. We can update, upgrade, or just replace flooring in any room of your home. Depending on the selected flooring it could add value to your home, make your home more desirable when selling your home.

We can help you in the decision process when choosing the proper flooring for your needs. The following are some things to consider before making your selection:

  • Amount of maintenance required  - vacuuming, waxing, oiling, sealing, etc.
  • Style - matching existing furniture, art, trim, etc.
  • Lifestyle - pets, kids, entertaining, physical limitations, etc.
  • Price -  budget
  • Comfort - personal comfort with different materials
  • Degree of use - some materials are more durable than others and will last longer and/or easier to keep clean

Flooring is usually not given much thought but is a large portion of many home improvement projects.

Please call us at Fix It All to handle your entire project.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is growing in popularity as more families want to replace an outdated, builder grade or undersized bathroom for one with better features.

If you have been dreaming of a bathroom that's more functional, more attractive, and more enjoyable our team will be able to transform your space for your needs. Fix It All will sit down with you to understand your needs, provide you with a good understanding of the project at hand including a detailed list of the steps needed to complete your new bathroom project, but also present a clear rendering to help you decide.

During the design phase of your bathroom remodeling, important items to consider are:

Tile selection and design for walls / floors
Who will use the space? How will it be used?
Bathtub, shower, or a both?
Will any plumbing / electric / lighting / exhaust fan be added?
Radiant in floor heating?
Replacement  / additional sinks / countertops / faucets?

Replacement /  additional cabinetry?
Glass shower door / curtain ?

Removing / adding walls?
Update bathroom plumbing and electrical

Please contact us to evaluate your new bathroom project and provide a free estimate